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A new type of consultancy

ECG Studio is a process improvement and visual communications company.
We solve process problems.

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Sometimes you need twice the horsepower. That is, the discipline and rigor of deeply focused process engineers united with the creative power of a multidisciplinary design and communications studio. ECG Studio gives you both at once. It’s what make us different. And more effective.

You’ll love the work we do together.

ECG Studio

Founded in 2007, ECG Studio has evolved into a new type of consultancy. We synthesize marketing, technology, social sciences, quality and industrial engineering with collaborative consulting and visual communications to create deeply engaging process improvement solutions.

This unique approach blends breakthrough ways to clarify strategy, communicate workflows, improve processes, and accelerate adoption.

ECG Studio is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) serving clients across the United States from offices just outside of Atlanta, GA.


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