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Process Storming™

- Workflow definition
- Process analysis
- Improvement planning
- Solution socializing

Workflow Visibility

Process Improvement

BPM Implementation

Process Storming™

Creating understanding for technology implementations and process improvement initiatives require a rare combination of skills. The campaign must be clear, relevant, cohesive and engaging across mulitple audiences to be successful.

ECG Studio's Process Storming combines collaborative consulting, process engineering, technology and highly effective visual communications to align and focus multiple audiences to achieve the outcomes you need.

Process Storming helps change makers: 

    • define requirements and decision points,
    • design processes with measurable outcomes,
    • analyze and structure operational pain points,
    • develop and socialize process driven solutions,
    • create implementation plans and roadmaps, and;
    • manage expectations across teamsProcess Storming

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Next, see how Process Storming™ creates Workflow Visibility


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